Lola Jax

Lola laying and waiting for you

Thanks for checking me out!

I'm Lola, I'm trans and you can hire me for entertainment or for dates.

Yes, I'm real. There was no "Lola Jax" doing adult stuff before I adopted this stage name. Just a restaurant in Jacksonville. You must be 21 and up to stay here or click any links. This is an "adult site". 🔞

Enjoy me in person or on a date:

Read my Tryst Escort Ad. Then read it again. You can send a text message to the number in that ad or you can email me:
Our first step will be to meet in public. This way you and I can both see that WE ARE REAL people. And we can have a wonderful conversation about your needs then and not in text messages.

If you are a Fet Life kind of person, I'm LolaJax on there. In case you didn't figure it out, I'm trans. That's why some of my usernames end with xy. If you want to do lots of sexy texting, that is a whole separate thing and my Tryst ad has the texting package rates. always points here or to my Tryst ad

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